Leo psychic tarot reading year of 2020 plus february by pam georgel

Big Love and Blessings, Annie :. Not mandatory!!!! Thank You!

Leo Psychic Tarot Reading Year of 2017 Plus January by Pam Georgel

I will have a website to make the process easier up sometime soon! If you enjoy the video please click the Like button or let me know in comments below. At no time these readings should be used as legal, medical, financial, business, or professional counseling services. Thank you for your support! So, Pisces Horoscope advise to students that, bunking the classes, not paying much attention to your studies, and keeping the books out of your focus will prove non-beneficial to you instead, give your full attention to the studies.

You will also understand the importance of burning the midnight oil and that there are no shortcuts to success, as what you sow is what you reap! You may get distracted by some problems in relationships but try not to get bothered by it, every difficult phase shall pass and there is a bright morning after a stormy night. You may enjoy all types of amenities this year.

Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Rebuilding from the ground up is the focus of this transit, giving you the belief that if you want it badly and try hard enough, anything is possible. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are driven by excitement, and there's no shortage of that this year. With expansive Jupiter in outgoing Sagittarius until early December, you enjoy a mix of fun and adventure.

Travel and learn from other cultures as much as possible. Love goddess Venus doesn't enter any retrograde periods, and the mood is passionate and aggressive when she spends time in the fire signs Aries in late April, Leo in late July, and Sagittarius in early November. There won't be any shortage of excitement in your love life! Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn use logic more than other signs, so you're happy about Saturn's placement in earthy, practical Capricorn.

This is a grounded energy you can connect with especially when it comes to tending to the details. Saturn retrograde from late April until mid-September perpetuates slowdowns, though, temporarily impeding your progress.

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Expansive Jupiter also enters factual Capricorn in early December, increasing your desire to learn. Exploring educational pursuits, studying, and reading will help you advance to the next level. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius experience slow-moving Uranus who rules Aquarius making the transition from fiery Aries into slower-moving Taurus in early March. This mismatched energy Uranus likes to experiment, while Taurus takes the traditional route can impede progress, slowing down your hard work. Peace and Blessings to you all! Similar to the readings I did for the beginning of the year in January, I am looking at the cards to cover the rest of the year in these readings.

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The time frame is from June though to the end of this year of I hope that these messages will being you new insights and additional information that will be helpful and useful to you, moving forward though the second half of the year. I will look into my crystal for each sign and give you the messages I receive from my Spirit Guides and any other psychic feelings and impressions I receive.

Hopefully they will bring additional insight and information that will be helpful for you. Thank You so much! Many Blessings and Peace! Even though these readings were for the month of June , the predictions went out for some of the signs as far as the first quarter of , and also the spring and even as far as June of in some cases. The messages and predictions in these readings cover approximately a 6 to 8 month time period, beginning July This 7 Card Star Tarot Spread will cover the heart of the matter going on with your sign, the present situation, your intellect and also emotions, what you desire, what has yet to happen and the outcome, all in regard to the energies these two July Eclipses affecting your sign.

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You want to feel free in some area of your life, so be careful in whatever direction you're choosing to embark on, that you're not giving up too much of that freedom. It's time to be diligent in your studies and research. This is a harbinger of change of a new direction and avenue for you. Carella C. Kelly, L.

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    Robb Triage J. Ketchum, R. Laymon, and E. Walters, J. Springer, C. Stains and S. Sedaris, P. Dinello, and S. Colbert Wild C. Elbroch and M. Boston T. Very insightful! I was in no place to hear some of the things that came up in my reading - I'm in a different place now. I appreciate the fact that the tarot messages were presented in the context of holistic advice about life-truths. She is certainly a wise, passionate and confident reader who offers a service that is great value.

    You have given me so much clarity.