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It basically affects the kind of intelligence which will in turn affect the career choice of a person. The Lagna lord is held or placed in the Paka Lagna. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Let us suppose the Lagna of a person is Scorpion. In the house 12 that is Moksha Rasi one could find the co-owner of this Lagna that is Mars.

Therefore the Paka Lagna would be the 12 house and it is Libra. In this case the evaluation of natal chart is done in a different way. In this particular analysis the Libra ascendant, and not the Scorpio ascendant, is used to prepare the natal chart. The planet in this Lagna affects the intelligence level which in the turn affects a particular career. The perfect complimentary combination of appropriate Paka Lagna and a career choice could lead to exceptionally positive results. Do You Have Good Karma?

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Thus once a Paka Lagna reading is done the perfect career choice can be made. This choice will undoubtedly lead to developments, personally growth and prosperity. In addition to this, the Paka Lagna reading also liberates a person of all career related tensions and apprehensions. There are many experts available who, because of their expertise, offer assistance to the ones who need it with the help of a Paka Lagna analysis. Change in jobs, attainment of position and authority, marriage and various other events cause changes in the image depending on the association of their respective images with the arudha lagna.

What do they mean? Thus it is the interaction of the images of his personal self and others close to him with the world. It shows how the world perceives you and how the world around you shall react to what you do.

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Thus it is the interaction of the images of the various people as perceived by the native on himself. It shows how you perceive the world around you and how you will react to the various environmental inputs. It should be used for protecting your image. Read Free For 30 Days. Arudha lagna: By Pt.

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Arudha Lagna (AL) and Bhav Padas

Search inside document. Arudha lagna By Pt. Every dasa affects the arudha by 1 house placement from it and 2 argala planetary intervention 3. Study dasa from standard texts.

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Focus on Rasi arudha Chakra REsults 1. Results of planets in different houses from Upapada. Best Wishes Sanjay Rath. Let's see if that is possible and the timing for the comeback by analyzing his horoscope as per the priciple of Vedic Astrology, the science of horoscope as taught by Seers in the Hindu tradition more than four thousand years ago. Virgo is rising in the natal chart at close to 1 degrees in the natal chart.

The chart has many combinations of "raja yoga" and "maha raja yoga" or planetary combinations for great success. To be honest, I have seen very few charts of famous sports persons which are so dominating and has so many combinations of great success and it is no coincidence that Tiger is the most recgonizable and success athelete of our times. These combinations of great success are from all types of Ascendants, i. Some of these combinations are Saturn in Cancer quite common in charts of powerful individuals Ascendant lord Mercury in 5th house of achievements, popularity, and fan following Great benefic, Jupiter placed 11th to Arudha Lagna AL in own sign of Pisces is a great boon and blessing as it is sitting nicely in a quadrant as well Moon and Venus combination in 3rd house, placed 7th to AL Karaka Lagna associated with 9th from Lagna - this is another combination for greatness AL which denotes his external image with retrograde Mars projects aggressive image.

This clearly explains why Tiger wears a dominant "red" shirt on victory Sundays.

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Retrograde Saturn and Rahu placed 3rd and 6th to AL make him a very strong competitor and virtually unbeatable Lagna, Paka Lagna, AL, and Karaka Lagna all have association with their 7th house which enable desires to be fulfilled at all levels in life. Planetary Periods Tiger was born in Mercury-Saturn period and enjoyed great success from as early as 2 years of age and this can be seen from the position of Mercury and Saturn in the chart and the latter giving results of the 5th house in a raj yoga setting.

Sun Planetary Period present This has been a very eventful planetary period to say the least. What is wrong with Tiger Woods? Posted by Sumeet at AM.