7 february horoscope for pisces

Does this sound familiar? Interestingly enough, this is where you really glow, darling Pisces. The beginning of this month will be a terrific time to intensify your spiritual exploration through meditation, therapy, and, yes, your psychic powers. Mid-month is a big moment for you. In fact, two very important astrological events on the exact same day have the potential to change your life forever. Since , Chiron has been moving across your own sign.

Fortunately, Chiron is shifting into Aries, infusing your chart with a breath of fresh air. Now, everything won't feel so personal. Also on Monday, February 18 , the sun somersaults into your sign. This month is all about you. What about matters of the heart? February is the month of Valentine's Day, after all, but it's the full moon in Virgo on Tuesday, February 19 that you should look to. Already attached? My youngest just turned I have my kids, but am alone for the first time in a long time. No partner.

I know things would be easier if I had a caring, responsible, giving partner I fear going it alone, without my children that I love so much! There have been many deaths surrounding me lately and I will be at a funeral tomorrow.

The Pisces Personality and Influences

This is making it hard to let go, let God and move on to the next chapter in my life. I've done so much good, for others and myself. When do I get it back? I need it, I need help.

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I've come so far! I've quit doing all the bad Try that with a bad back, whiplash, fibromyalgia and depression.

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Well, I know that I am very intuitive, am psychic and see things in the future. I see the desert and me in it. It's just so far away from here and most likely just what I need. My birthday wish today would be I'm Born 20th, you read both signs, and you take it, balance it. I've been calling myself a "Practicing Pisces" since age Meaning, I listen to messages, my high intuition, and my friends take heed.

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Yes, I need a lot of alone time. I love it. Yes, I have animals, my garden is getting nicer, fantasy garden too. Visionary, very much!

Emotionally feel someone, hell yes, I feel everyone. I can tell a liar in the eyes, I can feel the emotions of others, and the world. I know now too, less is best, not to say too much of my life.

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Step away from druggies a lot, I feel for them, but they can lean on you so much and wear out a Pisces, so I learn now to pick and chose, I love being called the Angel. As the planet of communication, Mercury spins backward and causes confusion Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from March 5 - March 28, -- and we've got tips to help you through.

As soon as the Sun hits Scorpio, it's time for aphrodisiacs! If you know any Scorpios, it should come as no surprise that this sexy sign rules the reproductive organs. The following foods and recipes are especially for these natives, but while the Sun is in this sensuous sign Great adventures await those who must accommodate the habits and quirks of a new roommate! Start by learning to happily co-exist with your roommate -- or find one you're naturally compatible with -- by knowing his or her horoscope sign.

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What does it mean when we say a planet is "exalted? But what exactly does that mean? Don't have an account? Create a FREE account! Karmic updates via. The Cusp of Sensitivity: A dreamy, compassionate place. Comments Add in Your Comment! You must be logged in to comment.

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