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Bhakoot or Rashikoot testing is used to verify the overall health, welfare and prosperity of a family after marriage. It is believed that Bhakoot Dosha can affect the intimacy between the couple and cause delays in pregnancy. With a maximum score of 7 points, this is the 2nd most important test and one that causes a lot of anxiety in couples.

Bhakoot Dosha is based upon the distance or number counted from the bride's rashi to the groom's rashi and vice versa.

Bharatiya jyotish mantra saadhana .: Tara bal

Nadi testing is to check the genetic compatibility of the bride and groom to ensure they are capable of producing healthy children. Traditionally, the main purpose of marriage was to produce children and further the family lineage. As producing children was the main purpose of marriage, this test provides a maximum score of 8 points which is the highest of any of the Gun Milan tests.

The rule for this test is simple in that the bride and groom should not have the same Nadi. If the couple have differing Nadis then 8 points are given.

Sampat Tara

If they have the same Nadi then it is thought that any baby born to the couple will be unhealthy and therefor no points are given. There are exceptions that can be considered in each test. For example, when testing Nadi, if the male and female are born in the same Rashi but possess different nakshatra and the nakshatra of the groom is before the bride then there is a Nadi Dosha exception.

Another example is in the case of a Bhakoot Dosha, this can be removed if the lord of signs are friendly. Where no exceptions can be found, remedies maybe applied to lessen or remove the effects of the dosha. An example of a Nadi remedy is the chanting of Mahamrityunjaya mantras. If your Gun Milan results are causing you problems, it is recommended to speak with a qualified astrologist. Many Gun Milan issues can be rectified. If you are searching for a life partner for yourself or a family member, register today. Some of our features are below:.

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Janma Tara. Birth mixed. Sampat Tara. Wealth good. Vipat Tara. Danger bad. Kshema Tara. Well-being good. Pratyak Tara.

Roots of Mula Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Obstacles bad. Saadhana Tara. Achievement good. Death bad. Mitra Tara. Friend good. Parama Mitra Tara. Best friend good. Taras are also used in muhurtas. In addition to the above general classification, we have a few special nakshatras for each person:.

This is also called Raajya nakshatra kingdom. Benefics or malefics situated in these constellations in their transit bring good or bad results related to the area covered by the nakshatra.

However, it should be kept in mind that the results will be with respect to the native.